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Probiotics and Fiber Fend Off Back-to-School Blues

Probiotics and fiber can help us when we a lot of time and energy to prepare our little ones for the school year. We have to adjust schedules, purchase supplies, navigate online school portals, sign-up for after school activities, organize carpools, and the list goes on and on! It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and unfortunately, it’s our bodies that pay the price.

Effects of Stress

Stress affects the gut and the gut is where bacteria and the immune system meet. All the various genera and species of bacteria mingle together to create our microbiome, which is like a fingerprint. Some bacteria are beneficial and create balance, others can tip the scales in a negative way, leading to digestive discomfort.

A balanced gut not only keeps us digestively regular, but also supports mental health and proper immune function. When you think of going back to school, it is easy to understand the importance of having our brains and our immunity operating at maximum levels. Here are two things to keep in mind for yourself and your family, to ensure you are supporting proper microbial balance.

Fiber Fuels Good Bacteria

This study, published in the November 2016 edition of Cell, a leading, peer-reviewed Life Science journal, presents convincing evidence that, in the absence of fiber, the bacteria in our gut shift toward undesirable, non-pathogenic bacteria that degrade the protective mucosal lining of the intestinal tract. This leads to an imbalance in our microbiome which starts a downward domino effect in terms of optimal digestive, immune, and mental functions.

The solution is simple:

By consuming fibrous foods, you allow beneficial, fiber-degrading bacteria to thrive while also keeping the soft-lining healthy, allowing for proper nutrient absorption and waste elimination.

Unfortunately, in school snacks and lunches or in quick on-the-go dinners, fiber-rich foods can be hard to come by. Most are laden with sugar and fat which support the growth of non-probiotic bacteria. A quick Google search can help you find options that are rich in fiber and by choosing these types of foods you will be giving the good bacteria in your gut the fuel they need to operate efficiently.

Boost Your Fiber Intake with TruFiber®

Fiber-rich foods are going to be the best solution but sometimes a little extra support makes all the difference. TruFiber is an easy to take soluble fiber that dissolves clear in water and has no taste. TruFiber is non-GMO, vegan, and gluten free and it's perfect for mixing into drinks and foods for an added fiber boost. The videos below showcase how easily TruFiber dissolves into water and some creative ways to integrate TruFiber into your diet!

Add Probiotic Power

We now know that fiber is a super fuel for beneficial bacteria; however, sometimes you may need to supplement your diet with a strong probiotic for extra bacterial support. Combining a probiotic supplement with a fiber-rich diet can help regain proper balance in the gut.

Theralac® is a great all-around probiotic formulated to colonize the entire G.I. tract with a proven blend of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria strains. It is also available in an easy-to-take powder form called Granular Theralac®. Watch how easy is to  incorporate this powerful probiotic powder into some fun food choices!

By adding probiotics and fiber to our diet, we fortify our digestive, immune, and mental health! Combine that with hydration and rest and your whole family will be well on their way to a successful school year!

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