A 10-Day Cleanse For Occasional Constipation

10-Day Cleanse

10-Day Cleanse: Have you or someone in your family been experiencing occasional constipation? Are you sick and tired of trying lots of ineffective treatments? If that sounds like you, then you’ll be happy you’ve found this post. By the end of it you’re going to recognize the causes of occasional constipation, what probiotics and enzymes are, and why they may help alleviate digestive troubles. You’ll also receive a simple 10 Day Guide on how to bio-cleanse for constipation using two specialized probiotic and enzyme supplements to help restore a healthy gut and hopefully alleviate the symptoms and frustrations associated with it.

Why Do I Experience Occasional Constipation?

Beyond specific medical reasons, typical factors that can lead to constipation include modern diets that are low in dietary fiber, high stress levels, lack of physical exercise, eating “on-the-run”, more sedentary jobs and the side effects caused by taking medicines are all common contributors. If those sound familiar and you might be thinking you’ve just described all my friends, it might not surprise you that…

Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal (GI) problems, affecting about 42 million people in the United States! 1 (Source)

Who is most likely to experience occasional constipation?

Constipation is common among all ages and populations in the United States, yet certain people are more likely to become constipated, including:

  • women, especially during pregnancy or after giving birth
  • older adults
  • people with lower incomes
  • people who just had surgery
  • people taking medicines to treat depression or to relieve pain from things such as a broken bone, a pulled tooth, or back pain

You may have tried, like many people, to reach for an herbal or medicinal laxative to solve the problem. However, most laxatives tend to irritate the gut. They can also lead to dependency or further damage bowel function.

What are Probiotics?

In a nutshell, probiotics are good bacteria. “Probiotics are good bacteria that are either the same as or very similar to the bacteria that are already in your body. - In fact, there are a greater number of bacteria in your intestines than there are cells in your body.” as defined by the Mayo Clinic.

7 Types of ‘Friendly’ Bacteria

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus bulgariusLactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Streptococcus thermophilus
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • Bifidobacterium lactis

Historically, humans have consumed and ingested probiotics via fresh foods grown in healthy soil and by fermenting vegetables to keep them from spoiling. However, because of refrigeration and dangerous agricultural practices like soaking our foods with chlorine, our food now contains few probiotics. In fact, many foods today contain antibiotics that kill off good bacteria in our bodies!

If you don’t have enough probiotics, the side effects can include: skin conditions, yeast issues, a weakened immune system and… digestive disorders such as constipation!

Can’t I Just Eat My Way To Healthy?

In theory….yes. At Master Supplements we wholeheartedly recommend a healthy diet, regular exercise and getting quality sleep as part of a healthy lifestyle. But, on top of the information above, we’re also human beings with careers and families and we also aware that changing habits can be tremendously difficult. Moreover thousands of people have turned to probiotics and enzymes to abate digestive issues and to supplement a healthy gut.

So what’s the solution? We're glad you asked!

How to Bio-Cleanse For Constipation

The Science Bit: Today, we recognize the gastrointestinal tract as one of the most complex microbial ecosystems on earth. The inhabitants of the gut are called microflora and, within that ecosystem, there are 100 trillion living organisms! Thus, creating a healthy intestinal tract is all about promoting and maintaining a population of beneficial gut flora.

Probiotic supplements are a way to ensure intake of high levels of probiotic strains of good bacteria get into your gut. The challenge, according to Dr. Sherrill Sellman, Naturopathic Doctor and best-selling author, is to find the right product that is truly effective, delivering live probiotic strains deep into the colon.

In lieu of supplementation, a diet rich in whole foods, vegetables, and fiber will stimulate probiotic growth! Probiotic bacteria are an integral part of the digestive process and consume the same food that you and I eat. A healthy diet not only benefits you but also the probiotic bacteria that reside in your digestive tract!

TruFlora® and Enzalase®

10-Day Cleanse combination: Unique among probiotic formulas is a formulation we call TruFlora. It combines three powerful probiotic strains and two fiber-digesting enzymes in a patented formula that can achieve what is called bio cleansing, keeping your intestinal tract in a more pristine, microbial state of affairs.

TruFlora's three high-strength Lactobacillus strains colonize both food in the small intestine and waste contents in the colon. They also increase the population of beneficial bacteria as well as increasing muscle contractions along the colon that "gets things moving along"!

To complete your Bio-cleanse for constipation, or any other digestive issues, we recommend combining TruFlora with our unique digestive enzyme formula called Enzalase. Enzalase contains 12 digestive enzymes that digest all major food types while simultaneously stimulating the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria. Even more impressively, it helps to digest impacted matter in the crypts or folds of the colon which improves peristalsis. Lastly, and most critically, Enzalase and TruFlora are effective because our acid proof technology enables them to survive the stomach and arrive deep into the colon.

10 Day Program (With Money Back Guarantee)

Take two TruFlora and two Enzalase capsules daily for your 10-Day Cleanse at bedtime with 8 oz. of water and, ideally, do not eat 2-3 hours beforehand.

“I was totally amazed how quickly my intestinal tract got back on track! In all honesty, this is the best program ever for truly restoring a healthy gut.” – Dr. Sherrill Sellman

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