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Staying #HealthyAtHome

Changes in routine can throw off eating habits, exercise regiments, sleep schedules, and even our ever so important mental stability. Some of us, not all, but certainly many, are struggling to maintain a sense of normalcy in areas of our life that are often taken for granted. Being social, getting out, staying active, and purchasing the foods we want, are a few things that we are currently processing through a different lens. 

In this article we touch on popular “healthy at home” concepts and recommendations but, as a dietary supplement company that specializes in digestive health, we add our unique perspective from the world of probiotics, enzymes, and fiber.

Diet and Nutrition

Common #healthyathome guidance: avoiding processed food that is high in added sugar, sodium and saturated fats. Plan your meals and make sure they are well-balanced with whole foods. Stay hydrated!

In addition, bolster your fiber intake with a fiber supplement like TruFiber to ensure digestive regularity. Fiber promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in our microbiome. TruFiber is clear and taste-free and can be simply added to water or beverage of your choice to boost your daily fiber intake by 14% per serving! 

Exercise and Fitness

Common #healthyathome guidance: stay active! Find online workout classes or try non-equipment exercises like push-ups, planks, sit-ups, and burpee’s to keep you moving. Spontaneous dance parties and simply household chores also work!  

A huge percentage of the energy that we exert throughout our lives is spent digesting food. Enzyme expert and mountaineer, Troy Aupperle, says: “I didn’t want to exert all that energy on digesting food when I had so many other things I wanted to use my energy on”. Enzymes are energy catalysts and can support overall health in many ways. You can take enzymes on an empty stomach to support systemic health, like proper circulation and respiratory function. You can also take them with food to aid the digestive process, allowing you more energy to break a sweat elsewhere. Try both methods with our proven 12 enzyme blend: Enzalase.   

Mental Health and Sanity

Common #healthyathome guidance: stay calm, enjoy a hobby, mediate, practice yoga, and get plenty of sleep. Stay connected with others virtually or while practicing social distancing to avoid feelings of depression and isolation. Take time away from work, household duties, and children, to focus on YOU!

Most people are unaware of the immense correlation between our mind and our gut. This is called the Gut/Brain Axis and is the topic of mounting scientific research. What happens in our gut affects our brain and vice versa. Stress and anxiety can release adrenaline that hurts the bacterial balance in your G.I. tract.  Right now stress and anxiety are plentiful so a probiotics like Theralac can help ensure that your gut microbiome is colonized and balanced with good bacteria, keeping your gut and mind, calm and stress-free.

Cleaning and Healthcare

Common #healthyathome guidance: washing hands frequently and properly is #1!  Keep your living space clean, clutter free, sanitize often and practice all social distancing recommendations.

We are all doing our best to provide safe environments for ourselves and for our loved ones but even our best efforts may not be enough in the end, so consider supporting your immune health with a probiotic supplement.

For an easy way to incorporate all of the probiotic, enzyme and fiber supplements we’ve mentioned, try the Master Supplements 45-Day Complete G.I. Health Program. This program, as well as the 30-Day Gut Reset, will be discounted all summer long and as always are backed with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if you don’t receive the results you are looking for.

For additional #healthyathome recommendations and resources, visit the World Health Organization’s website.

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